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March 10, 2006

Project Spectrum has been going on for over a week, Lolly has finished two scarves, a necklace, and a skirt, and I have yet to work on anything red. I seem to be looking ahead to May–I’ve been busy working on a green Samus, green Texas socks, and green Kick-It boots. I’m not putting any of those projects aside–Samus is ready for seaming (maybe), the Texas socks just need their ends woven in, and I’d really like to finish the boots before the weather gets too nice, they’re quite warm. The next project on the needles needs to be my sockapaloooza socks–and I don’t think they’re going to be red, either.

So I was glad when Lolly directed us to Zeneedle’s meme. Take pictures of red stuff? That I can do even while I’m on the road at school.

Red stuff #1: My School Bag
This flimsy little bag was a freebie at new student orientation, and it’s lasted me through two years. I keep thinking that I should find something more sturdy or more stylin’, but this bag really is just the right size for carrying what I need for a class or two at a time.

Red stuff #2: My Suitcase and Travel Basket
That’s my little suitcase, not sturdy enough for plane travel but perfect as an overnight bag. And the basket is the best-easter-basket-ever. It was a gift from my mom last year, and it usually rides in the passenger seat when I’m driving. It holds my books, snacks, cell phone, and my traveling knitting project. In the background you can see my room at school. It basicly looks like a little hotel room, minus the TV. That’s okay, though, because good socializing (and knitting) happens in front of the TV in the common room.

These three bits of red are essential for carrying my life back and forth from home to school every week. Maybe later in the month I’ll find more pictures of the red around me when I’m home. Or maybe I’ll just figure out something red to craft. But right now I’m going to go knit something green.

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  1. March 11, 2006 8:03 am

    I like the idea of the travel basket. Maybe I need to get me one of those since I’m always lugging things for me, the guild and the kiddos around. Very cool!

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