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Texas Socks

March 1, 2006

Tomorrow I am leaving for Texas! My sister is a junior at Texas Christian University (which really isn’t as scary of a place as the name might make it sound) so I am headed from Fort Wayne to Fort Worth. I even got a direct flight, and usually you can’t get direct flights to anywhere from Fort Wayne. My theory is that flight is there for folks who end up in the wrong city accidentally. I’ve been trying to make this trip for the past three years, and the stars have finally alligned, and tomorrow I get my first taste of Texas.

Trips mean knitting, and I didn’t seem to have anything portable on the needles. And so, in the tradition of last summer’s Chicago socks and Mexico socks, I fiddled last night with starting up some Texas socks.

The inch of sock there is the begining of a pair of “Simply Lovely Lace Socks” (sigh, why can’t all patterns have cool names like Potamus?) from IK Spring 06, in Wildfoote sock yarn. This might just be the beginning of my sockapaloooza socks. It’s a cute pattern, the yarn works well for it, and I think I’m going to like working on it. But the lace pattern includes columns of twisted stitches, and that makes for absolutly no stretch. I like my gifted socks, especially socks gifted to feet I’ve never met, to have some cling and stretch to them–helps make up for my measuring shortfalls. But I think I’m going to keep working on them–and if I’m not comfortable sending them off, then they’ll be socks for me.

But I don’t think those are the right socks for traveling. I want socks I can work on without a pattern, and socks I can work on while being social. So the Wildfoote will stay home, and I’ll be bringing along slightly larger needles and the Trekking yarn from Carola. I’ll cast on while waiting for the plane tomorrow morning (Christer has to drop me off three hours early on his way to work) and I’ll see if I can’t finish one sock before I get home.

I’ll also be bringing the camera along, so expect lots of pictures of me and my sister in Cowboy hats when I return on Monday!

  1. March 1, 2006 12:53 pm

    I also went to college in Texas, but in San Antonio. I’ve never been to Ft Worth, and I imagine it’s fairly different from SATX. Nevertheless, if you see a fast food restaurant called Taco Cabana (it’s pink and they are usually open 24 hours) and your stomach can handle it, I must implore you to go. The bean and cheese burritos are delish and they sell margaritas there. Also, if they have Amy’s ice cream in Ft Worth you should try that too. Best. ice. cream. ever.

  2. March 1, 2006 8:07 pm

    Have a great trip! I agree that Taco Cabana is a lot of fun – although any TexMex in Tex is great. πŸ™‚

    The yarn for both pairs of socks is great – looking forward to seeing the finished pairs.

  3. March 2, 2006 8:39 am

    Please, please, some cowboy BOOTS, too!

  4. March 2, 2006 10:48 am

    I don’t know if they have it in FW but check out Chuys for some good TexMex. Have a fun trip and happy knitting!

  5. March 5, 2006 12:21 pm

    i hope you have a great time in cow town! the stockyards are a must see. there is a great steakhouse there – oooh, and a certain very famous mechanical bull πŸ˜€
    the art museum in fw is truly amazing as well.
    oh, there are some really fun restaurants downtown…fw.
    cabo is good… just too many to name!

  6. March 6, 2006 11:29 am

    OOO those socks look great! You are so smart about the Fiber Trends pattern…the problem…finding one πŸ™‚

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