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I Knit A Shoe

February 24, 2006

Lookie, lookie!

That’s one knitted boot, finished during the women’s figure skating finals last night. Perhaps there is some irony in making snarky remarks about figure skating costumes while knitting myself a boot–but if there was I missed it.

I really happy with this first shoe–definitly worth all the silliness of drilling and knitting with a boatload of DPNs. The only problem is those ends hanging out. The pattern said to weave them in sometime around row 9–but I was too caught up in the shoe-knitting to stop and find a needle. Now I need to find my way into the dark inner of the shoe to tie some knots and weave some ends. Yet again I learn that just following the pattern would make my job easier. Sigh.

  1. February 24, 2006 3:35 pm

    you knitted a shoe! It is very nice. I like the green.

    I really hated the costume that was red and black with kind of flames and was supposed to look like she had a lot of skin showing. That is the only really bad costume I remember.

  2. February 24, 2006 3:49 pm

    GO YOU!! It looks great!!!!

    Cant wait to see the pair on your feet =)

  3. February 24, 2006 9:49 pm

    Oh my god! I love these boots. I was totally following the process as the Blue Blog 😦 ) was making them.

    They are so crazy. I want to know if you really wear them, and if people comment on them.

    I think they are super funky. I enjoy them very much. Did you need to use a drill?

  4. February 24, 2006 9:50 pm

    Yes you did need to use one. I got so excited when I saw these that I commented before reading alll your other posts about it. haha.

  5. February 24, 2006 10:49 pm

    What fun! And the fact that you did this during figure skating is great. 🙂

    p.s. Lucky Sheep arrived on Thurs – looks great! 🙂

  6. Laura permalink
    February 27, 2006 2:52 pm

    They look great! You’ll definately have to take a picture with them on.

  7. March 3, 2006 11:41 pm

    Love it!! Isn’t it fun? You’re just as far along as me now. One boot left and then we have to decide if we’re really gonna wear these things or not! ;0)

  8. March 4, 2006 12:46 pm

    WOW! It looks GREAT! Good work! Those will look SO cute with jeans.

  9. March 4, 2006 2:31 pm

    Looks fabulous! Great job!

  10. March 5, 2006 12:22 pm

    awesome! i love the green!! mine will be pink, drilling today – yikes!

  11. March 5, 2006 10:39 pm

    I like the green with the tan shoe — much better than the original orange on the show!

  12. March 6, 2006 1:21 pm


  13. Nadine permalink
    May 7, 2006 3:24 pm

    I love these boots please tell me if you would be able to knit a pair for me???!!! (Obviously not for free)

  14. Naomi permalink
    November 13, 2006 12:11 pm

    I just watched the Knitty Gritty show with these boots and thought I would do some searching on them. You did an amazing job, and I love green too! Id love to see any more that you have knit if possible!

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