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Kickin’ the Bucket

January 30, 2006

In my attempt to write the most posts ever about a project without even casting on, I give you the latest failed attempt to start my Kick-It boots:

I was so hoping to get out the drill this weekend. But when the shoes arrived they were way too small. So they went back into the mailbox this morning. (See the envelopes full of sheep on the side? They went to the mailbox, too.) It will take a few days for them to make the trip to California, a few days for the seller to turn them around, and a few days for the new shoes to make the trip back. So we’re looking at two more weekends before I’ll get to cast on.

I normally wouldn’t devote a whole entry to not starting a project–but I’m feeling some knitalong guilt. Alison is practically done knitting her boots, and I haven’t even gotten the shoes yet! I don’t seem very good at the “along” part of knit-along.


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