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December 15, 2005

This last week of the semester time seems to be moving backwards. Perhaps this is because I’m working on revising a chapter of my thesis. There’s something about going back into it and deleting paragraphs that I worked hard on, and then having to fill the space with something new (and hopefully better) that makes the work seem longer and tougher. Strangely, the knitting is following the same pattern.

This was my Eat Your Veggies sweater Wednesday night:

And this was my Eat Your Veggies sweater after an episode of 6 Feet Under:

I got up to where the sleeves attach, tried it on, and found that it was way too big. So I’m starting over, one size (4 inches) smaller. I was hoping on working on the fun fair isle part around the yoke at Christmas. Now I think I’m going to put this on hold until we get back from the holiday traveling.

When I said I was unraveling it, Christer was shocked. “That is the saddest thing ever,” he told me.

Evidently he does not realize how much time has been spent re-writing on my thesis.

  1. December 15, 2005 10:36 pm

    Having written — and re-written — and re-re-written — a thesis, frogging a sweater is nothing.

    Best of luck on both!!

  2. Laurie permalink
    December 17, 2005 1:09 pm

    Both are very sad. I have to say, that as I crochet less than I write papers, I do take the frogging harder. I had to rip out about 5 inches of Rick’s magical two year scarf the other night. He took it very hard.

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