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Sock Scrapping Along

November 20, 2005

We’re nearing the end–all but two of the sock scraps have been successfully swapped. Cecily, after a false start yours is on the way, and Carola, well, you just live really far away. I’m sure yours will get to you soon. In the past week a few of us have recieved our packages. Ashley posted her package (and doesn’t “Running Wild” sound like the perfect name for that bright yarn?) and Larissa reports that she’s gotten hers, too, but no pictures yet. Oh, and I got my package from Larissa:

That’s Koigu, folks. I’ve never used Koigu before, so I’m looking forward to playing with it. I’ve heard so much good about it. And the pink and black are Fixation, which I know makes a lovely stretchy fabric. Yay for new-to-me sock yarn!

Not much knitting happened this weekend. I’ve done a bit of felting and a lot of paper writing. And I’ve found a few ways to goof off that haven’t involved anything particularly crafty.

Yesterday we went to see Harry Potter. No Harry Potter knitting around here, I was happy to just see the movie. As an illustration of the book, it was excelent. I really have fun seeing scenes from the books played out on the big screen. But as a movie, it was a bit, eh. They cut so much that it was hard to understand how the plot held together without knowing the book. But I’ve read the book, a couple times, so I liked it. And being at the movie theatre reminded me how much I am looking forward to the releases of Rent and The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe in the next few weeks!

Today I cooked an early Thanksgiving dinner, just for Christer and me. I made a chicken–they come a lot smaller than turkeys–and stuffing, and a few other sides from cans. We spend Thanksgiving in LaCross, Wisconsin at a convent with three of Christer’s aunts. Usually the convent has their turkey dinner on Wednesday, since a lot of the sisters visit family on Thanksgiving Day. We won’t get in until Wednesday night, so no turkey for us… although we have made a tradition of sneaking into the kitchen for leftover pumpkin pie. I already had turkey last week at school, and I’ll probably get some leftover turkey when we visit my extended family in Chicago on our way home on Saturday. But it was fun to have a real, first run, Thanksgiving dinner with Christer today.

I will spare you photos of my chicken, and instead get into the Thanksgiving spirit with a picture of a pumpkin blocking after felting:

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