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Packages, Packages

November 19, 2005

I recieved two great packages yesterday–my camera, that was left behind on my trip home last week, and my second SP6 package. Here is the latter posing for the former:

Bath fizzes, a cute little desk calendar, stationary, a pumpkin smelling candle, and candy. There was more candy, but you know how the candy is about sitting still for a picture. And finally, a bit of yarn, because it’s all about the yarn, right? The yarn is several fruity colors–and since my pal made the needle case she sent last time herself, I’m assuming that she dyed this yarn herself, too. Fun stuff for snacking and writing and smelling and playing. Thank you very much SP6!

Did I remember everything this time? Last time I forgot to mention a little ruler/cutter tool that she sent. It didn’t make it into the photo because it had already made its way into the pile’o’yarn by the TV. Evidently it’s so useful that I couldn’t imagine a time without it, and so forgot to give it a shout out on the blog.

Now that I’ve got the camera back, I’ve been taking pictures of things I’ve been neglecting on the blog–some new stash aquired on the trip home, some work on Christmas presents, and the beginnings of a new sweater. Tomorrow, though, gotta start with an update on the Sock Scrap Swap, including a picture of the lovely yarn I recieved from Larissa.

Edited to add:
Not pictured above, a pair of tiny gingher stork scissors. What is it about sharp objects avoiding being photographed? Perhaps it is because they are useful, and I had already started snipping with the scissors last night. Or perhaps it is because I am trying to not leave evidence of the sharp objects in my possession. “He was killed with a pair of thread snips? That sounds dreadful, officer. But it couldn’t be me, because, if you check my blog, you will see that I do not own a pair of snips.”


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