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Fort Wayne Fridays-Barr St. Market

September 30, 2005

I like the idea of eatting local and eatting organic. But I’m not really all that interested in vegetables. I like them and all, I’m just not willing to put time and thought into it that could be put into, oh, yarn. So I was thrilled to find the Barr Street Farmer’s Market a few weeks ago. Lots of veggies all in one place:

Evidently the Barr Street Market is a Fort Wayne tradition from way back that hasn’t really happened for the past few years. But there’s a group that has worked to pull it back together for four weeks this fall. And they’ve done a great job–along with local veggies there are also craft vendors and food stands (including a place with sweet potato pie!). There was an artist painting off to the side, and there have been musicians playing.

So the Barr Street Market is good for two reasons. First, of course, I’ve got an easy and fun source for local produce and sweets. And second, there seems to be a real push around Fort Wayne to make the city more “livable,” and this is just one of the projects that has come out of the attempt. Seeing that it is a success makes me hopeful for other projects the city has planned.

Yum. Those are just one bowl of the many colors of peppers available at my favorite booth. I’ve tried tasting the different varieties and colors to taste the differences… but they all kind of taste the same to me. And when they’re cooked, they lose a lot of their color. But they look good at the stand, don’t they?

Tomorrow I’m hoping to go and get some pumpkins to kick off October!

  1. October 2, 2005 8:41 am

    Those tomatoes are to dye for! Thanks for sharing all those yummy pictures 🙂

  2. October 6, 2005 10:21 pm

    I love farmers’ markets! I’m sad that we’re getting to the end of the season.

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