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One Skein + One Yard Wonder

September 27, 2005

Almost made it through the One Skein Wonder this afternoon. But see that one string hanging off? And see those 15 stitches waiting to be bound off? (click on the picture if you can’t see) I don’t think that string is quite going to reach…

I thought that Cotton-Ease came in neverending balls, but this one came to an end just a bit early. To be fair to the Cotton-Ease and to the claim of the One Skein Wonder pattern that it does, in fact, take one skein, I must disclose that I also used this skein for the borders and stripe on my Bubble Gum sweater.

Thanks to Tuesday Morning I’ve got plenty more Cotton-Ease to finish up this little shrug. But getting up to find a new ball seemed as good an excuse as any to get out the camera and write up the blog. Does this delay mean that the OSW will find it’s way to the pit of unfinished projects? Possibly. Check back tomorrow to see.

  1. September 27, 2005 6:27 pm

    Grrr–my first OSW did that too. Nothing like busting open a new ball for 15 piddly stitches. But the orange looks cute.

    hope you’re feeling better…

  2. September 28, 2005 12:44 pm

    I couldn’t find any more Cotton Ease at my Tuesday Morning!
    Sorry about the short yarn ball–maybe is was a weird skein… all of the ones I have used are neverending!

    The shrug is great!

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