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Fall Came While I was Sleeping

September 26, 2005

Feeling sick continues to get in the way of knitting and blogging (and homework, and washing dishes, and pretty much everything). Basicly the antibiotics are causing me more trouble than the original illness they were supposed to be fixing. After staying up most of last night I spent most of the day today sleeping. When I woke up around 5pm the sticky warm rain we’ve had for the past few days was gone, and the air was cool and crisp and sunny. Ah, a happy little bit of fall. Glad I was awake to at least enjoy an hour of it.

Once I feel better I have big plans for fall. I want to get out a few halloween decorations, and cook fall foods like sweet potato pie, and drink warm apple cider. It’s funny how a few days out of service can make it feel like the world is fast-forwarding on me.

Between the icky feeling I have cast on for yet another project. This time it’s a One Skein Wonder, a.k.a. a Texas Sweater, for my sister. Following the hurricane news has reminded me that where she is, although she was far from any hurricane danger, it is still in the 90’s and 100’s. So this is all the more sweater she’ll be needing for a while. I’m almost done knitting the body of this little shrug, and it was hard to take a picture that wasn’t all bunched up on the needles. So here’s a picture of the little row of increases so familiar to anyone who’s made this pattern:

I’ve never worked knit front and back increases top-down before, and I’m impressed by the cute line they make. I’ve only used this increase before in hidden places and felted toys where the sideways little bar is washed away. But when worked top-down, they look like they were put there on purpose! I can see why this pattern is so popular–it’s so easy to remember the pattern and see progress. I’m already tempted to make another for myself, except that 1) I really don’t think I could pull off the shrug look, and 2) it’s fall here now, and I’m going to need a full sized sweater here soon!


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