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Slow Going

August 17, 2005

No posting for a few days… I’ve been both busy and sick. My brother was around this weekend, and the inlaws visited at the beginning of the week. Unfortunatly I picked up a cold along the way, and that cold has been kicking my butt much harder than just-a-cold has a right to. So I spent some time sleeping instead of socializing with the in-laws (which really is sad, because I do like them). And I’ve tried to spend my energy squeezing out a bit of hospitality instead of knitting. That said, here’s how the sockapaltwozas are looking:

Don’t they look hopeful, sitting there gazing at the picture of how they will look grown up?

After being sick in Mexico and being sick with company, I would just like to request that the next time my body decides to turn on me, would it please not do so in public? Next time I am sick I plan to camp out in front of the TV with no sights to see or family to visit or people around to reasure that yes, I am feeling a bit better today, and just Christer around to bring me 7up and chicken soup while I am grumbly and grumpy.

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  1. August 17, 2005 11:13 am

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I have no idea who N is. Strange

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