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Pretty Scratchy Yarn

August 2, 2005

Tuesday is knit along day, and so while I am exploring Mexico City, take a look at this old dye job from round about February. This was my second attempt at Koolaid dying. My grandma sent me off with a box of her old yarn last Christmas. Included was a bunch of needlepoint yarn in various shades of yellow:

I don’t have much use for that shade. And this yarn was wool, so unlike dye job #1 it would take the dye. I soaked the yarn in the sink, arranged the skeins in a casserole dish, sprinkled with koolaid and put the whole thing in the microwave. The result:

Much better color. Sadly, though, the yarn was made for needlepoint, not clothing. It’s very rough and scratchy. I knit up a bit of it, and tried felting it, but the texture remained. Maybe someday I’ll find a pattern that wants to be scratchy. Until then, this yarn is lounging in my stash.


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