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First Sophie

July 31, 2005

While I’m out of town this week my blog will be posting some old projects from my pre-blogging knitting. This little Sophie was my second project after I picked up the needles this winter. Here she is before felting:

And after felting:

I had knit before, but I give this pattern credit with giving me the confidence to knit more than rectangles. I read the pattern, I followed the pattern, and my bag turned out a bag. And then I threw it in the wash and felted it, so if there are a few scrappy stitches or missed decreases, well, you just can’t see them. It’s probably also worth noting that after knitting with this wool, even simple Lamb’s Pride, I haven’t done much with novelty yarns since.

This bag is now my favorite knitting bag, and it is usually full of my current portable project. Right now it’s probably holding my Mexico socks-in-progress.

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  1. July 31, 2005 5:10 pm

    Love Sophie, the poncho, the rug, and everything else here. You’re a great knitter, and have a very nice blog!

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