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July 9, 2005

I brought shrinky dinks along to Chicago, for a craft that the little kids in the VBS were doing. Little did I know that our high schoolers would also be amazed by them. They hadn’t heard of shrinky dinks! So after the little kids were gone, the high schoolers spent hours coloring and cutting shrinky dink plastic. They had so much fun that I figured it was my turn.

Yesterday’s crafting involved much scanning, printing, cutting and shrinking. The miniatures don’t have the same smells as the original stickers, but they should make for some fun stitch markers.

  1. Laurie permalink
    July 10, 2005 9:26 pm

    I used to love Shrinky Dinks so much! I remember I had some smurf ones once. I have been reading a lot about them on craftster, and will have to get some one day.

  2. Laurie permalink
    October 16, 2005 8:15 pm

    ok, I am getting closer to shrinky dink making. Did you do these using printable shrinky dink plastic, or did you trace them onto shrinky dink paper?

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