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June 16, 2005

Libraries are a very good idea. Free books, and you don’t have to store them when you’re done! I went exploring around the library near my new apartment today, and it has a fabulous knitting section. There were several new books there, and some older books of knitted toys (which almost never go out of style). And this is just at our little branch, I haven’t even checked the city-wide holdings on the computer yet. So maybe I will never have to buy a knitting book again. But I might still want to now and then.

And so, with all these knitting books, what project did I bring home from the library? This little teapot:


Oops, that’s not knitted. But I want it anyway. The pattern is in a book called Omiyage, by Kumiko Sudo. Lots of tiny tiny fabric folding and sewing. And I’m going to try and make it, just as soon as I unpack my sewing machine, clean up my desk enough to set it up, and unpack my fabric scraps. This little book could be the incentive I need to finish the unpacking!

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  1. June 17, 2005 8:28 am

    That teapot is so beautiful! I saw a woman making something like that using fabrics and was wondering what she was doing! Have “fun” unpacking!

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