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Grinnell, Iowa

June 6, 2005

This weekend Christer and I traveled back to Grinnell College for my 5 year reunion. Actually, it’s been 6 years, but they invite back reunions in 3 year clusters. Reunion was different than I expected. There was a bit more regressing, and a few fewer people. But once I got used to these things, I really enjoyed spending time with old friends. I brought my camera along, but I only took it out to take pictures of Tim and Cathy’s baby.

No knitting happened at reunion, but I did get to visit a super little yarn shop. Fiberworks, I think it was called, on Main Street in Grinnell. The shop carried quilt fabric, dying supplies, beads, and yarn. Not too much of anything, but good stuff. I was good, though, and just bought a few beads for my Bead It 2 pal. Which I am running a bit behind on… Tomorrow morning I will have time to get the beads together and in the mail.

No pictures of the shop (although the walls of quilt fabric were very photogenic), but here’s a picture of some knitting I spotted at the college bookstore.

Now undergrads can make novelty yarn scarves without leaving campus! Good thing there’s a shop with better yarn nearby.

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