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Fiber Festival

May 14, 2005

I’ve been reading all about Maryland Sheep and Wool, but out here in the boonies we also have festivals! This weekend was the Fort Wayne Fiber Festival, and although it was much smaller, there were sheep, shopping and friends, so I went.

At one booth the saleslady asked, without a hint of sarcasm, “Do you have any questions, or are you just touching?” Rows of booths, all free for the touching. Eventually, touching led to buying…

First, from “Mohair in Motion” (gotta love that name) this yarn, orangy, yellowy with a hint of grey-green. I have no idea what to make with it. My friends bought similar yarn in different colors and plan to make shaws and ponchos. But I am not really into shawls and ponchos. Until I decide what to make, I am happy just petting it.

Second, green silk with bluish bits. I love the smell of raw silk! This really wants to be a summery scarf. A long skinny scarf that might also be used as a belt. I’m thinking of using one of the patterns from Vogue Knits.

Finally, the impulse buy winner of the festival, a little needle felting kit and some extra rovings. This was the fast food of the festival, and everyone had one. For just $6 you got a cookie cutter, a needle, a block of foam, and a bit of wool. All this for a cute craft that requires no skill and very little time. So you see why everyone needed one. My kit came with the teapot cookie cutter, and I bought the sheep shaped one separatly. On the foam you can see my first two attempts at needle felting.

I really hoped to bring home pictures of alpacas and sheep. But it was raining, and the sheep were far off in the distance, and I did not want to admit that I needed to take pictures of sheep just for my computer. But really, what respectable knitting blog doesn’t include a picture of a sheep? Ah well, there’s always next year…


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