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Seussical and Other Projects

April 17, 2005

I haven’t been blogging much, and my knitting has been photogenic lately, so this might be a long post. Hang in there.

First, the Seussical Hats are done! I finished Thursday (with time left to do my taxes) and threw them in the wash for blocking. A trip through the washing machine shrunk them just enough so that they would block well on beer bottles (notice the assortment of Capital Beer brought back from the last trip to Madison):

After drying overnight, here are the finished hats. They’re based on the cat in the hat’s hat, then made in the colors of each actor’s costume. The one made with varigated yarn was for one of the stagehands who always, always wears tie-dye.

I stopped by before the show Friday night to wish the cast luck and give out the hats. I don’t know who reads this, and I’m pretty sure that whoever you are you didn’t come here looking for reviews of high school musicals. But Seussical really is an incredibly cute musical that can be pulled off well by high schoolers. And this particular group did a great job–the ones who always do well were fun to watch, and a couple of newcomers who hadn’t done as much acting in the past were fabulous. I was proud of them, they were worth every stitch.

This weekend I decided to give recycling a try. Cheap yarn, right? So I found this sweater in a bright blue silk at Goodwill:

But when I started the unraveling this is what I found:

It wasn’t made of yarn, but of about 10 very tightly held threads. This makes this project even more frustrating that I was planning. Individual threads have a habit of breaking or tangling. I did go ahead and unravel a bit, and I tried knitting it into a swatch. It worked better than I thought–but where the threads had broken they stuck out of the fabric. Now I’m trying to decide if it’s worth the trouble of tearing the sweater completely apart for “yarn” that won’t work well enough to make something nice. I’m trying to think of something this yarn would work for. Not a tank as planned… maybe some sort of bag? Or maybe I could hold it with something fuzzy that would disguise the loose threads?

In non-knitting news, Christer and I spent the better part of the day in Fort Wayne exploring. After a year of trying the small town thing, it looks like we’ll be moving there. It was good talking to some friends who enjoy living there, and visiting different neighborhoods, and picturing what life would be like somewhere a bit bigger. It’s scary to move and start over again so soon–but this afternoon driving around in the springtime sun it sure seems like it’s the right decision.


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