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My First Post

March 26, 2005

Just in time to do some knitting along, this blog is somewhat up and running. It does not have a name, a permanent address, or much style yet, but it does have pretty pictures of yarn.

I have been lurking around two knit alongs often enough that I started working on the projects myself. First up is the Candy Knit Along where several folks are well on their way to having a Candy sweater from Knitty. My Candy is made from Peruvian Collection Baby Silk from

This is the softest yarn I have ever touched. I have been known to stop mid-row to cuddle with the yarn. Between cuddles I have managed to finish the waist band and body of Candy up to where the sleeves start:

candy body.jpg

And I have started one of the cuffs:

The other knit-along that has caught my eye is the Bunny-Along. I decided to join in and make one of the long legged bunnies. And then one became four:

Please note the non-springy weather out the window. The bunnies still need some faces and accessories. Two are going to small children, so they’ll just get faces. But one is going to my sister, and the other I am keeping, I think those will need scarves.

So that’s my first knitting blog entry! Thanks for your patience with all of the links and pictures–I’m just trying to figure out how all this Movable Type stuff works.

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  1. Greg W permalink
    March 28, 2005 1:31 pm

    Cute bunnies!

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